Simply Put! We do it differently!

Providing lifecycle support to emerging & existing  businesses

We strive to provide TRANSFORMATIVE full-service lifecycle support to emerging businesses for your professional and personal needs so you can focus on what’s important.


Can't afford Legal Services?

We are here to support both professional and personal capacity from operational support to litigations and regulatory changes.


Too much Work BUT No Time?

We provide a wide range of resources on-demand to help in ceasing the difficult tasks so you can find the time to accomplish your other goals.


Struggling with Objectives?

Let’s bring your ideas to reality and rattle your toughest battleships with our impressive experience to achieve your desired objectives.


The Authentique Holdings

We aim to inspire innovation mingled with creativity; to be astute; to strive in exceeding our client’s expectations with the most effective solution-tailored services and to bring change to the dynamics of legal, professional and social relations.

We believe in creating possibilities by setting out to develop with our clients and staff a positive relationship with a mindset that places our business at award winning performance.

Let’s Create possibilities Today

What we do

How Can We Help Lift Your Burdens ?

External Legal/Audit Support & Research

External Legal/Audit Support to Law Firms, Attorney’s or Any Other Institutions in Litigation and Non-Litigation Matters

Legal Research (Lexis Nexis/ West Law/ UK Legislation)

Business Support & Licensing

Supporting Business with Related Business issues (Company formation & Registration, Name Change etc.)

Licensing From your business up to your car.

Immigration & Online Services

Immigration Matters (Passports, Naturalization, Caymanian Status, Work Permits etc.)

On-line Services & Transactional Payments (Police Records, Traffic Report, etc…)

Secretarial & Personal Assistant

Virtual Personal Executive Assistant and Temporary/Virtual Secretarial services Tailored to Meet Your Needs

About Us

The Authentique Firm is the innovative, different approach to legal, professional and customize personal support services. We are a company of uniqueness with a twist.

At The Authentique Firm we do things differently. We redefine what is expected from a typical service provider and transform it into something like no other.
We know that there are so many people and small businesses out there that can’t afford legal services, or feel out of their depth when asking for help.

We are on a mission to change that. We are here to support, business wise, both in a professional and personal capacity. Our company suits your needs from your office to your home, whether you need flexible operational support or grappling with time to keep pace with litigations and regulatory changes, or perhaps you need help with a difficult and/or magnitude task, we have you covered.

Our company provides a wide range of resources on-demand to help in ceasing the task you can’t handle or might just be too overly burden in handling. Our services support your Businesses, Administrative needs and Offices.

Our focus is on building client relationships.